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About Our HVAC Repair in Boston 

HVAC systems have become one of those comforts that you can't live without. Nowadays, it is unbearable to be too hot or too cold. Therefore, we work quickly to restore your comfort with our HVAC repair in Boston.

For over a decade, we have provided the residents and businesses of Boston and surrounding areas with superior HVAC services. Not only do we do repairs, but we also install some of the top-name brands in the industry. Our licensed and insured technicians can handle any of your HVAC issues, big or small. We work quickly and efficiently to restore your comfort levels and ensure your satisfaction. As a result, our dedication to excellent customer service and quality outcomes has allowed us to become one of Boston's most-trusted HVAC companies quickly.

Are you a business owner or resident in or near the Greater Boston area who needs residential HVAC services? Then, don't hesitate to contact us for your service needs. Also, if you aren't experiencing an HVAC emergency, it is a good idea to establish regular annual or semi-annual maintenance with us. This will help prevent problems and prolong the life of your system.

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Benefits of An Annual TuneUp

Many of the reasons people call us for emergency repair can be avoided by getting maintenance on HVAC systems. System maintenance can keep your system operating throughout the year and can even prolong the life of your system. Here are some of the things a tuneup consists of:

  • Replacing filters
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting blower and other moving parts
  • Cleaning and removing dust from the interior and exterior parts

While this is not all that our tuneup consists of, these are some of the significant parts of the process. We suggest that you get a tuneup at least once a year to ensure that your system is ready for the season. However, for maximum protection, we recommend twice a year, preferably before the hot and cold season. One of our technicians clean and inspect your system, checking for problems. Afterwards, if there are any concerns, we can address them right away to avoid costly emergency calls in the future. 


Get Our 24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair in Boston

There are times when you will need emergency 24/7 repair because your system has failed at the worst time of the year. For instance, we tend to get many calls after extreme temperatures, including bad snowstorms and heatwaves. However, this isn't the only time you may need our services. Sometimes, an outdated system may be the reason why you need us. Regardless of why you need our services, you can count on us to be there! Here is how our emergency repair works:

  • You verify that the HVAC system isn't operating
  • Call us at any time to report your emergency
  • Have one of our technicians dispatched to handle the emergency
  • A technician will fix the problem or recommend replacement as needed

Our emergency process is relatively easy. However, why wait until an emergency happens to get HVAC services? Contact us today for a professional tuneup so that you don't have to be left in the cold this winter or roasting in the sun this summer.

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Ductless HVAC Unit

How Do I Know If My Ductless HVAC Needs Repair?

When a forced air type of HVAC has trouble, you can recognize it by certain signs. For instance, the blower may not be working, the system may not cut on, you may hear noises or smell strange odors. But when a ductless HVAC is having trouble, how do you know?

Some of the problems ductless HVACs experience are similar to traditional air conditioners. For instance, if your bill increases exponentially but it's still warm in your home, that's a sign of trouble. Also, like a traditional air conditioner, a ductless HVAC may make noise when it isn't working correctly.

Ductless HVACs don't always show distress in the same way as traditional air conditioners, however. Here are some other problems to look out for with your ductless HVAC.

  • Water puddles
  • Ice buildup on the coils
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Short cycling periods

Do you suspect that your ductless HVAC needs repairs? Then, contact us today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE estimate on our ductless HVAC repair in Boston. Trust the pros at Greater Boston Heating & Air.



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Other Heating and Cooling Services Available in Boston

HVAC repair is one of our more popular services. However, we also provide other HVAC services in Boston and surrounding areas. In addition, our technicians are happy to perform maintenance on your system so that you can minimize the chances of calling for an emergency. Also, if you need your system replaced or a new installation, we can help!





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