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In the words of legendary singer Dean Martin, "Baby It's Cold Outside," we know that Boston can face some pretty brutal winters. Unlike other states much further down the Atlantic Coast, being without heat in Boston in winter is impossible. With temperatures dropping below freezing and the potential for snow, this service is more essential than air conditioning. While it may be possible to brave Boston's mild summers, no one should take a chance with its harsh winters. Therefore, it is critical that residents and businesses alike get furnace service Boston.

For decades, we have been on the front line, ensuring that the indoor comfort levels for Bostonians in winter are ideal. We work diligently to fix any furnace problems or replace them as needed. We also provide affordable solutions so our customers won't have to be without heating for long periods.

Don't take a chance this winter! Get our furnace service in Boston now to ensure that you and your family remain comfortable all winter. Call today to schedule your inspection and get a free estimate on this critical service.

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Advantages of Getting Furnace Service in Boston Before Winter

Nights in Boston can get very cold. The last thing you need to experience is temperatures dropping below freezing and having no heat. Not only does this create unbearable indoor temperatures, but it could also create other problems, such as frozen pipes. As a result, frozen pipes could burst, leading to even more significant issues in your home.

To avoid one problem after another from a faulty furnace, getting service on your furnace well before winter sets in is a good idea. If there are any problems with your furnace, one of our technicians can repair the issue or replace your system entirely. This will minimize the need to make an emergency call in winter, which can be pretty pricey and could result in delays due to other competing jobs.

Don't be caught off guard this winter with a furnace that gives out on one of the year's coldest days. Instead, call us today to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate on repair or replacement services for your furnace.


Fight The Cold This Winter With Furnace Servicing in Boston

When indoor temperatures become as cold as outdoor temperatures, this is not the time to seek furnace service in Boston. While we make plenty of service visits in winter, it is ideal for getting assistance on your furnace in warmer months to prepare for winter. In addition, our technicians can perform annual maintenance on your furnace, checking critical components. Here are a few ways our HVAC service technicians ensure your furnace is working and ready to brave the cold months.

  • Clean the blower compartment
  • Ensure the pilot is working properly
  • Remove dust and debris from near the furnace
  • Make sure there are no leaks within the pipes
  • Perform any essential cleaning, removing soot and other dirt

While this isn't all that our technicians do to ensure that your furnace is working correctly, these are a few of the important things they do. If your system's major components are in disrepair, our technicians will recommend replacement so that you won't have a breakdown in the middle of winter.

Call today to get started with preparing your furnace for winter. Schedule your inspection and get a free quote on furnace service in Boston.

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Rely On Us For All Your Furnace Needs, Residential or Commercial

Are you looking for a reliable HVAC service in Boston? You'll be happy to know that we perform the services for both residential and commercial customers. Our highly skilled technicians are licensed and insured and remain knowledgeable of the latest standards in HVAC repair and installation. No matter how big or small your furnace is in Boston, we can't handle it.

For over 20 years, we have worked with customers in Boston and in the surrounding areas to ensure quality indoor comfort levels no matter the time of the year. Greater Boston Heating & Air realizes how critical it is to ensure your furnace is working in winter because temperatures in Boston can get really frigid. We recommend you get maintenance or replacement prior to winter. However, if your system goes bad in winter, keep in mind we do offer emergency HVAC repair service around the clock.

Are you ready to find out why we are quickly becoming one of Boston's favorite heating and air companies? Call today to schedule a free consultation and get a free estimate on furnace service in Boston for your home or business. Also, don't forget to check out our informative HVAC blog.



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- Gwen Stamford

Other Services to Improve Indoor Comfort

Furnace service in Boston is a critical service that we provide. However, we also offer other services, including air conditioning repair, HVAC replacement, ductless HVAC installation, and more. We are one stop shop for all your indoor comfort needs. Call today to learn more and get a free quote on any one of our many outstanding services.





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You don't have to brave the elements inside your home. Contact the experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air today so that we can restore your indoor comfort levels in no time. Call us at (781) 661-6511
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