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No Matter What Type of AC You Have, We Can Repair It

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit isn't pumping out the cool air it did in previous years? This might indicate that you need AC repair in Boston. In many cases, your unit may not be pumping out cool air because you have not been getting regularly scheduled maintenance on your system. It is a good idea to have your AC unit checked annually to keep it running efficiently. We change out filters, clean out coils, and ensure that the fan blades are spinning correctly.

Typically, regular cleaning and maintenance can fix problems with most air conditioners. However, we may also need to check and fix additional items to ensure that your system runs optimally throughout the hot months. For instance, you may have problems such as the air conditioning system running but not blowing air or making strange noises while it is operating. Whatever is wrong with your AC, Greater Boston Heating & Air will get to the bottom of it and restore your system quickly and efficiently. In addition, if your system is out on a sweltering day, we provide 24/7 emergency maintenance so that you won't have to endure the heat.

Do you need AC repair in Boston? Whether you have a traditional system or a ductless system, we can fix it! Click the button below so that we can get started with your free quote and work to restore your comfort levels quickly.

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3 Benefits of Getting AC Repair in Boston

Do you want to know how you can keep cool and save money? By getting your AC repaired, of course! The longer you wait to address the issues with your AC, the more damage you may do to the system and your wallet. While the costs of fixing an AC may be high depending on what's wrong with it, not fixing it can result in having to replace the system. This is substantially more costly. Here are some reasons why you should get AC repair:

  • You can get the cool air you and your family deserve.
  • Getting AC repair in Boston will help lower your energy bills.
  • Having your AC repaired now will help your system last longer.

Don't delay getting your AC repaired another day! Systems that aren't working correctly can be costing you tons of money in energy bills and taking a toll on your energy system. To avoid having your system break down, which may result in replacing it, contact the experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air today!


Boston's Summers Are Heating Up, But Your House Doesn't Have To

Boston heat waves have become the norm in the past few summers. Temperatures have been getting as high as 90 to 100 degrees which is quite unusual. Since hot summers may be the new normal for a while, it's a good idea to make sure that your HVAC system is in good shape before these heat waves arrive.

Getting your air repaired in summer can be pretty challenging because you will be competing with thousands of other customers who have issues with their systems. Therefore, we encourage customers to have us look at their air conditioning in the spring to beat the summer rush. This not only minimizes the chances of your AC going out during a Boston heatwave but also prevents the stress from having to endure the heat during the busy summer season.

Leave the heat outdoors this summer and enjoy the crisp air of a properly running AC. Contact us today for a FREE quote on AC repair in Boston.

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Buying A New AC Unit

Sometimes no matter how much AC repair we perform on your system, you may have to say farewell to your outdated AC. While this may be an unexpected costly repair, on the bright side, newer, more energy-efficient systems will save on energy in the long term. They will also do a better job at keeping your house cool.

So what should you do if your AC unit isn't working anymore? Call the experts at Greater Boston Heating and Cooling to inspect it. If we determine that it's irreparable, don't fret. We know that AC replacement can be pretty pricey, and you may not have the money upfront to pay to install a new system. This is why we offer affordable financing options to those who qualify. Upon approval, we can remove your old system and replace it with a newer, money-saving choice.

Is it time to retire your old AC and get a new one? Our experts will be able to inspect your HVAC system and let you know right away if it's time to replace your AC. Don't waste any more energy or money on your dysfunctional unit. Instead, contact us today for a free quote on a new AC installation in Boston.



See what our customers have to say:
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Greater Boston Heating & Air Saved Us! When our heating system went down at 3:00 in the morning, they were here within minutes to get us back up and running. Fair prices, friendly HVAC technicians. You can't go wrong. Highly-recommend!
- Gwen Stamford

Other HVAC Services Available in Greater Boston

The professionals at Greater Boston Heating and Air can do a great job restoring cooler temperatures in your home. However, this is not all that we do. We also provide repair services for furnaces and heat pumps. Also, you can call on us if you need a new system installed or replaced. We also offer 24/7 emergency services if your heating or air is down. 

However, to minimize trouble with your HVAC systems, we encourage you to set up annual preventative maintenance. Call us today to learn more about how to set up regularly scheduled tune-ups on your HVAC system in Boston.





No Heat. No AC. No Problem!

You don't have to brave the elements inside your home. Contact the experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air today so that we can restore your indoor comfort levels in no time. Call us at (781) 661-6511
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