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"Greater Boston Heating & Air Saved Us! When our heating system went down at 3:00 in the morning, they were here within minutes to get us back up and running. Fair prices, friendly HVAC technicians. You can't go wrong. Highly-recommend!"
- Gwen Stamford
We Specialize in Stable Indoor Environments

Why You Should Choose Greater Boston Heating & Air

Heating & Cooling Services

We are your full service crew repairing, replacing, and installing HVAC systems.
24/7 Residential heating and cooling services for all emergency situaitons.
Reliable commercial HVAC services done around your schedule.

What We Value

Our team of insured and licensed technicians provide quality work that is guaranteed
We work quickly and efficiently to restore heating and cooling services
Our team is dedicated to 100 percent customer satisfaction 

Why We're #1 for HVAC Boston!

We offer affordable, flexible financing plans for all clients. 
Our technicians provide free estimates on services.
Our team only installs top-notch name brand HVAC systems!

Providing Superb HVAC Services In Greater Boston For 10+ Years

Winters in Boston have always been bitter cold. But recently, the summers have been heating up to historically high temperatures. To keep your family comfortable and protect your valuables from damage, it is a good idea to have a properly running HVAC in Boston. Greater Boston Heating & Air is committed to keeping our customers' homes and businesses at a comfortable temperature and optimal air quality.

For over a decade, our HVAC company has provided high-quality HVAC service to residential and commercial customers in the greater Boston area. Our licensed and insured technicians repair HVAC systems, install new systems, and clean air ducts. We are dedicated to quality outcomes which have gained us favorable reviews from our customers. Our commitment to top-notch service has allowed us to become one of Boston's most trusted names in the HVAC industry.

Please don't wait for an HVAC emergency to call us! We can set up preventative maintenance now to help alleviate problems with your system and help you save money. Call one of our expert technicians today to get a FREE quote on HVAC in Boston. 

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3-steps to restoring your hvac system

Our Simple and Easy Process


Our process begins with assessing the issue with your HVAC system. Upon diagnosing the problem, we provide you with a free written estimate detailing the costs and timeline needed to repair your HVAC system. If your system needs to be replaced, we also offer estimates for replacement. We can also offer free estimates if you have never had heating and cooling systems and are seeking first-time installation.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to repairing or installing HVAC systems. Instead, our air conditioning contractors diagnose each customer's issues and suggest the best way to solve the problem. Some problems may be resolved with repairs to the Boston HVAC system. Others may be resolved by replacing the unit.


We know how difficult it is to be without heating or air conditioning in your Boston home. This is why once we provide your estimates and receive your approval, we work quickly to get your system repaired or installed. 
100% customer satisfaction

Our Boston HVAC Contractors Care About Your Comfort

Getting your HVAC serviced is key to restoring you and your family's comfort. We not only get your home back to a comfortable temperature but we also ensure that you have safe air quality within your home. Take a look at how we can help with your HVAC in Boston, MA.

HVAC Repair

Whether outdoor temperatures are rising or falling, you shouldn't be without a system to combat the cold or heat. Needing a heating repair in the middle of winter or summer can create a very uncomfortable indoor temperature. Homes should remain between 68 and 76 degrees. Failure to keep a stable temperature can damage your appliances and technological equipment, encourage mold growth, and even cause sickness.

HVAC Installation

If your HVAC is no longer working, you will have to get a new system installed. We have a variety of quality appliance brands to choose from. If you aren't able to afford a new AC installation, we have easy financing options available. Some older homes in Boston may have never had central air and heating. We can provide central heating and air for your older home, too. Or we can install Ductless systems if you prefer an easier, more cost-effective solution.

HVAC Maintenance

Did you know that most of the problems with your HVAC can be prevented by establishing regular maintenance? It is beneficial for residential and commercial customers to have regular maintenance performed on their systems to avoid unnecessary repairs and costly emergency calls. Regular maintenance will also allow your system to last longer and protect your warranty. Our Boston HVAC contractors are on the job!

Ductless HVAC

If you live in an older home, getting ductwork installed for central heating and air system can be pretty expensive. A more cost-effective solution is to get ductless HVAC. It's also an excellent solution for those that suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues. These systems provide heating and cooling to a specific room or several rooms without using ducts for the air to travel. Call us to schedule air duct repair in your area.

HVAC Inspections

Every year, many homeowners have to deal with heating and cooling systems that aren't working correctly. It's usually at a time of the year when it is extremely hot or cold. Many of the repairs that our HVAC contractors have to make stem from homeowners' failure to get their systems maintained regularly. Getting regular maintenance not only avoids expensive repairs but also extends the life of your HVAC and keeps the warranty intact.

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can be a major source of illness and may worsen respiratory issues? Your ducts may be filled with piles of dust made up of skin, dead pests, germs, and bacteria. As your HVAC system is running, these particles can be blowing through the air, lowering the air quality in your home. Therefore, it is critical for homes and businesses in Boston to have their ducts cleaned regularly to keep fresh air flowing throughout the building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble with your HVAC system can be frustrating, mainly when it is very hot or cold outside. So what are some signs that you may need HVAC repair in Boston? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if you need HVAC help.

Should I wait until something goes wrong with my HVAC before calling a technician?

We do offer 24/7 emergency repair. However, it is a good idea for you to set up annual preventative maintenance. This will minimize unnecessary problems and expensive repairs with your HVAC and keep your warranty intact. 

If my HVAC system won't turn on, does this mean that it needs to be replaced?

In some cases, you may need to replace your HVAC. However, there could be many reasons that your system is not working. The best way to know whether you need to have your system replaced or not is to have a technician diagnose it. From there, our highly skilled technician access the issue and provide you the best course of action with your HVAC. 

How often should I get preventative maintenance and when is the best time of the year to get it?

We recommend that you get preventative maintenance at least once a year. Although you can get it at any time, it is best to get it during the spring or fall when our schedules are much more flexible.

More About Our Extraordinary HVAC Services

Greater Boston Heating & Air has been fixing HVAC systems in the greater Boston area for over a decade. We have consistently received top-rated reviews for our excellent customer service, dependability, and quality workmanship. To learn more about how we can help with the HVAC services required in your home or business, check out the info below.

Prepare For Winter With Our Heating Systems

Boston winters can be brutally cold. So, when the heat goes out in winter, it can be pretty cold inside your home. If your heating goes out during the winter season, we have emergency 24/7 repair services to restore your heat. However, if you want to prevent a heating emergency, setting up annual preventative maintenance would be a good idea. 

Our technicians replace filters, clean furnaces, and make you aware of any mechanical problems that could potentially cause issues. Utilizing our preventative maintenance services may prevent an emergency call and help save you money in the long term on heating repairs and replacing heating systems.
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Take Advantage of Our Cooling Systems Before It Gets Hot

Many people call us in the summertime to fix their AC. Unfortunately, there are many others requesting service simultaneously, which can cause delays in getting your air conditioning fixed.

We encourage customers to establish regular preventative maintenance to remain ahead of the crowd and avoid problems altogether. Our expert technicians can come out and service your AC annually during the mild season so that you are good to go when it's hot outside.

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Our Residential HVAC Services Stabilize Your Indoors

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your HVAC? Is it failing to turn on? When your HVAC is running, does it seem like it keeps cycling on and off more than it has in the past? These things could indicate that there is a problem with your air conditioning systems. 

Our team offers expert top quality HVAC solutions at an affordable price. Don't wait until your HVAC system is inoperable before you give our HVAC contractors a call. Instead, contact the experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air today to schedule your inspection and get a free quote on our residential HVAC services in Boston.
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commercial HVAC services for Boston

Keep Employees Comfortable With Commercial HVAC

To comply with OSHA, employers must provide employees with quality indoor air. This includes comfortable temperatures and proper ventilation. To keep your employees productive, your products safe from spoilage, and customers frequenting your business, it is a good idea to get annual checkups performed on your commercial HVAC in Boston. This will save your business from paying excess energy bills and minimize legal liability from poor air quality.

Call the experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air today for a free quote and set up your annual preventative maintenance plan.

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Do You Need Furnace Repair in Boston?

There are so many things that can go wrong with a furnace. For example, they may not cut on, or the thermostat may malfunction. There could also be problems with the pilot or the blower. To prevent issues with your furnace in the middle of winter, we suggest that you get preventative maintenance on your furnace before it gets cold. 

Then, if we discover any heating system problems during our inspection, we can fix them so that you can have a properly running furnace during the cold months. We also offer emergency services if you require immediate services!
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Quick and Efficient AC Repair in Boston MA

When you are without air conditioning repair in Boston, it can be a very uncomfortable situation. This is why we work quickly to restore your AC as soon as possible. Our highly skilled technicians diagnose the problem and get to work repairing your system so that you can feel cool air once again. If your system is beyond repair, we have a variety of top-notch AC brands to choose from. We understand that paying full price for a new system may not be in your budget, so we offer affordable financing for your new system.

Are you ready for your home to get back to a comfortable temperature? Then, click the button below to schedule your FREE estimate.

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We'll Service Your Air Conditioning ASAP - Call Us!

Do you need HVAC in Boston? The experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air services many areas in and around the Greater Boston area. Here are some of the cities our heating, cooling, and ventilation services reach. If you'd like to know if we service your area, call today.

Hyde Park
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No Heat. No AC. No Problem!

You don't have to brave the elements inside your home. Contact the experts at Greater Boston Heating & Air today so that we can restore your indoor comfort levels in no time. 
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